Digital solution expert

Functional area:  Marketing
Country:  France
Company name:  ETS Georges Renault S.A.S.
Date of posting:  May 14, 2022

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  • The Digital Solution Expert is the owner of the digital solutions of the Desoutter Ecosystem and he is responsible to analyze market and customer needs to develop new solutions/features
  • He is responsible to promote the digital solutions range through the sales companies to the customers
  • He is a member of the Steering Committees with Business Managers, Service and R&D representatives for CVINet web/Pivotware/DeMeter product lines at first, will be extended to all software solutions including Seti-tec/ QAT / CVI Suite and make the link with other PMMs regarding the integration of other products in the software platform.
  • He will contribute to a new business model implementation where software solutions and dematerialisation of licenses and controllers will be strategic, including subscription model.
  • At start of the mission, a high focus will be the roll-out of Demeter and Process Control solutions



  • Market Development
    • Follow and develop the business globally with NIS (Net Income Sales) and UGP (Unadjusted Growth Profit) responsibility for the Digital Solution
    • Drive the implementation of new business model linked with subscription
    • Specific focus on marketing and product portfolio towards MVI (Motor Vehicle Industry), Tiers , Aerospace and GI (General Industry) segment on selected customers
    • Visit the Customer Centers regularly to follow and support business development
    • Work actively with KCM (Key Customer Manager) to understand/anticipate customers needs
    • Will lead the Drive team in order to propose actions to the Steering Committee
    • Once the solution is ready for launch, the Digital Solution Expert will organize, with anticipation, Sales force training, competitors benchmarking, market analysis and promotional activities
  • Digital Solution Development
    • Develop a software roadmap in all his aspects . Harmonisation of existing solutions, integration of new technologies (like Big Data) and create a vision for the longterm strategy.
    • Coordinate all activities internally and with customers in regards with the product launch,
    • Be directly involved in new product specifications
    • Follow the development of new products with R&D and operations
    • Define business strategy : IRP (International Retail Price), UGP and forecast
    • Prepare product launch pack including marketing materials (leaflet, catalogues...), applications guide, customer value proposition/USP (Unique Selling Point) linked with the Ecosystem approach
    • Follow up product launch in collaboration with our CCs (Customer Centers) following our standard procedures
  • Others
    • Work with Excellence center for larger project and strive for standardization and harmonization of customer solutions
  • Product life Cycle responsibility
    • Stock management
    • Forecasting with Operations



  • Follow general security rules and internal procedures
  • Wear security protection devices in the specified area of the building
  • Follow instruction sheets (for machines and special products)



  • Functional report : Marketing Manager
  • Most frequent Internal relationship: R&D, purchasing and logistics
  • Most frequent external relationship: Customer centers and final customers



  • Engineering, automation and / or software specialist
  • Working experience : Minimum 5 years in BtB industrial marketing and/or product specialist in automation, IT or software, ideally dedicated to manufacturing industries
  • Marketing with strong technical background on IT and industrial applications, automation, server, wireless technologies and communication , innnovation around these fields of expertise, knowledge/experience of ERP systems, MESn-tier environments (Server/Client/Networking),
  • Good communication skills , open to work in matrix organization, open to innovation and new technologies, international business experience
  •  English fluentGerman is a plus
  • Office, Web Technology, Cloud technology, Databases (MySQL/SQL/NoSQL), PLC/automation software, MES software, understand MES, ERP, JIT sequencing and volume production

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