On site technician

Functional area:  Service
Country:  China
City:  Shanghai Pudong
Company name:  Shanghai Tooltec Industrial Tool Co Ltd
Date of posting: 

Your future job

The Role

Work independently for service and maintenance work of Atlas Copco tools 


  • Work closely with sales team & project team to install and calibrate new equipment;
  • 与销售团队和项目团队紧密合作,安装和校准新设备;
  • Solve problem and support customer by phone
  • 通过电话解决问题和支持客户
  • Timely and correctly feedback work order, weekly report and monthly report
  • 及时、正确反馈工单、周报、月报
  • Provide technique request and quality information according as customer‘s feedback
  • 根据客户反馈提供技术要求和质量信息
  • Finish service documents according as Atlas Copco or customer’s standard
  • 根据阿特拉斯科普柯或客户标准完成服务文件
  • Keep good relationship with customer
  • 与客户保持良好的关系
  • Doing well work plan and being ready to take up new tasks
  • 做好工作计划,做好承担新任务的准备
  • Assist service engineer’s work about service contract
  • ​​​​​​​协助服务工程师做好服务合同的工作


What you can expect from us? 


1. Work experience in worldwide company
2. Knowledge learning for industrial technology
3. Multi skill and competence development not only for product knowledge, but also for soft skill, like office skill, communication skill, report, data analysis, presentation, English practice etc
4. Systematic training from Company via Class training, Learning link, and practice training etc
5. Work experience in final assembly plant and extended knowledge for motor vehicle assembly if you want to learn
6. Work experience for tool management center
7. Knowledge for process control and ISO audit
8. Perfect salary and welfare


What we expect of you? 

Education 教育背景

  • Graduate from vocational school in mechanical or electrical engineering
  • 机电工程职业学校毕业


Requirements 岗位要求

  • Good PC and MS Office skill
  • 良好的电脑和微软办公技能
  • PLC, Fieldbus and Ethernet knowledge are considered as the advantages
  • 具备PLC、现场总线和以太网知识者优先
  • Good communication and interpersonal skill
  • 良好的沟通和人际交往技能
  • Self-motivation and Independence
  • 自我激励且独立
  • Must be a team player, quick learner with strong sense of responsibility
  • 具有团队合作精神,学习能力强,责任心强
  • Customer oriented
  • 以客户为导向


Language 语言要求

  • Basic English knowledge
  • 基本的英语知识




Shanghai Pudong


Hiring Manager
Mu Ye Li

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